16 Hilarious Examples Of Pareidolia Or Faces On Objects That Are Ridiculously Funny

Pareidolia is the tendency to see a meaningful image in a pattern where there is none. People often see shapes or are able to make pictures out of nothing, and this is what pareidolia generally is. For example, you may see an angry face on your shoes, which will not necessarily mean that you have gone crazy.

Our team has prepared a collection of funny pareidolia examples that will help you imagine the unimaginable.

Scroll down to see the 16 photos of confusing objects with weird faces, making them look even funnier. Let’s go!

#1. How long did it take you to realize he’s not going to swim naked?

Photo: © ssgodss

#2. We wonder which one of these is the original and which one is the copy

Photo: © Amijustsadorhorny

#3. Planning something bad

Photo: © jabby_jakeman

#4. Now we understand why the price has significantly dropped

Photo: © jabby_jakeman

#5. The alien signals

Photo: © RiffRaffMama

#6. When you open the container of cream cheese to find it smiling back at you.

Photo: © AGirlAGuyAnd3Cats

#7. This face on the gaming chair seems disappointing that you play so much

Photo: © SBriggins

#8. Once you see a lion in sunglasses, you can’t unsee it!

Photo: © Kurama80

#9. He fried for our sins

Photo: © mattlikespeoples

#10. The poor guy has seen something horrific.

Photo: © Grillenium-Falcon

#11. Does this headphones case remind you of something?

Photo: © gabsy109

#12. The Scream by Edvard Munch

Photo: © Mustang369

#13. This portable charger looks uncertain about something

Photo: © Deltacious

#14. The old Soviet trains are fed up with the modern world

Photo: © Narzan65

#15. The First United Church of the Eternal Peep

Photo: © charliepuppers

#16. Those light switches seem to be judging me.

Photo: © funkyr0ck