16 Hilarious Disasters That Kids Caused Have Got Us Laughing and Feeling The Pain Of Their Parents

Being a parent is not always about the cute posts that we see on Instagram but also sleepless nights, thinnest nerves, and breakdowns because these little sweet creatures we call babies and kids can create a real mess and storms around them.

Though these parents are obviously having a hard time with their naughty and super active kids, we at Modern Mood find these photos extra fun and enjoy a good laugh looking at them.

This collection of 16 hilarious photos will definitely cheer you up too or make you feel the pain of these parents. Let’s see what exactly you will feel when looking at these photos.

#1. The face of this mom tells everything

Photo: © BlankStarBE

#2. Opening this hand will have you questioning your own strength.

Photo: © cichan0519

#3. Kids are so savage sometimes

Photo: © Nateddog21

#4. 4-year-old unlocked the door to my office with a penny and let my 2-year-old in to create this $4,000 masterpiece.

Photo: © Epitomeofabnormal

#5. Serving cupcakes in the shoes is the new trend

Photo: © L_i_n_u_s

#6. The children are our future

Photo: © ChatnNaked

#7. This is just a game for them

Photo: © ravenight

#8. The kid knows how marketing works

Photo: © D0NW0N

#9. Not a cell phone in sight, just a kid living in the moment.

Photo: © cxc1991128

#10. Pain: my younger siblings destroyed my final from high school fine arts class

Photo: © angry_plebian

#11. This had to be a kid.

Photo: © BuzzOnBuzzOff

#12. I woke up and saw my daughter looking at the baby monitor. She did this for ten minutes straight

Photo: © jerahboi

#13. Every single thing from the fridge is in this car soup, it’s fine, I’m fine

Photo: © Courtney_JLA_

#14. Threw the ball on the TV and went on doing her stuff like an angel

Photo: © gaynickels

#15. Students should stop telling their grandma died

Photo: © galacticbees

#16. Her way of saying no to bedtime

Photo: © Stiffdp