16 Funny Shots As a Reminder To Take Everything Easy And Forget About Problems For A Short Time

They say beauty will save the world, but we believe this phrase would be more logical if they said “humor” instead of “beauty.”

Because in a world full of nightmares, what we need is a little positivity and laughter. After all, “a day without laughter is a day wasted,” right?

So to charge our readers with some positive energy, we at Modern Mood have prepared 16 funny shots. We all are worthy of a little break with innocent pieces of jokes so just scroll down to check out the photos that will make you laugh and forget about problems for a while.

#1. Seagulls know how to obey the rules

Photo: © machococks

#2. Try to find the glass that I lost again

Photo: © lets-work-together

#3. Was this done on purpose? The perfect duo

Photo: © FunCrafty4175

#4. Fart girl meets shart girl

Photo: © phoeab

#5. A note from the naughtiest wife

Photo: © gh0stbeard

#6. We are dying to know what the surprise is.

Photo: © Khajiit_hairball

#7. Let’s hope zombies can read

Photo: © Pathosx

#8. Who is she?

Photo: © DefinitleyNot203Eels

#9. This is what makes me feel safe in the airport.

Photo: © ProGamer73

#10. Another childhood star lost to drugs

Photo: © omgitsmint

#11. This cactus has grown to hurt you.

Photo: © pen_of_inspiration

#12. Barista asked if she could make me a “surprise coffee, free of charge” and comes back with this

Photo: © capt-nemo3

#13. When you go to see Pisa, and it looks just perfectly fine

Photo: © notthatmadMax

#14. Expensive jokes

Photo: © Oztravels

#15. Giving you the judging look of always being late

Photo: © spoofer10

#16. The restaurant they invite you after having an eye surgery

Photo: © McWitt