16 Funny Moments Captured That Won’t Leave Anyone With A Gloomy Face

Every person comes across funny situations once in a while in their lives, and these situations eventually become material for stand-up comedies. Absurd events, crazy situations, and ironic cases come up unexpectedly, and those who don’t lose themselves and manage to capture these moments are the guarantee that Friday evenings with friends will be fun.

If you also love funny and sarcastic things as much as we do, then we are sure that the photos we have compiled in this post will definitely make your day fun. Scroll down to check 16 hilarious images that won’t leave anyone gloomy-faced during a friend’s gathering.

#1. Gojo is out for us. Beware of him

Photo: © aughtyGirl470

#2. She is the last water bender alive

Photo: © awayOmaha37

#3. Please tell us we’re not the only ones seeing this.

Photo: © nighteeeeey

#4. Back seat driver…

Photo: © Gainsborough-Smythe

#5. When you are truly pissed off.

Photo: © twentysomething3

#7. And they lived happily ever after.

Photo: © edkobraSammy

#8. Say hi to the wet noodle

Photo: © naazsimra

#9. Have you ever parked a bicycle in an airplane hangar?

Photo: © nextstarz

#10. This is the look when you leave him at the vet for a few hours

Photo: © WhileFalseRepeat

#11. The sign at a local pool hall is strict about washing your hands

Photo: © CauliflowerNinja

#12. This bell pepper just made us uncomfortable.

Photo: © believablehairship

#13. The cat is trying to convince you otherwise

Photo: © Light_A_Match

#14. A short story of betrayal

Photo: © zenfelps

#15. Weirdest mushroom we’ve ever seen. Does anyone know what kind it is?

Photo: © GraemeDaddyPurplez

#16. When you accidentally kick the seat in front of you, it happens.

Photo: © profuseelectricity61