16 Fascinating Images To Look Deeper Into Nature And Forget About Taking It For Granted

Albert Einstein once said: “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” To understand everything around us better our team at Modern Mood has prepared 16 photos that will help you look deeper into nature and admire the best it offers to us.

Each of these fascinating images is a reminder not to take the majesty and the coolest aspects of nature for granted. We only have one life to live but our children deserve to enjoy every aspect of it as well. So just scroll down once again to admire this world and ask yourself: what do I do to keep it this splendid?

#1. “Hello muh babee, hello me hunay, hellooo ma rag-time gal….”

Photo: © karuviel

#2. Majestic. UFO lenticular clouds over Mt. Hood, Oregon

Photo: © hozul

#3. The majestic Himalayan Yak, Langtang National Park, Nepal

Photo: © Monis1203

#4. The perfect pattern of water beading on loon’s hydrophobic feathers by Kevin B

Photo: © RRI16

#5. Blue Crab, Bayou Lacombe, Louisiana with the most beautiful shade of blue


#6. The Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemone is a subtle combination of orange and green. Like other Bubble Tip Anemones they make excellent hosts for Clown Fish.

Photo: © mikihak

#7. The Taiwan barbet is coming in like a rocket

Photo: © aquilasr

#8. Orcas making an appearance in rough seas. Taken by Chris Holmes while swordfishing off the coast of Nova Scotia.

Photo: © pumpkinmum

#9. The Wave, Northern Arizona. The Wave shows a wonderful world carved from sandstone by millions of years of wind, water, and time.

Photo: © PolarBearsToenail

#10. A fabulous family portrait

Photo: © johnnys_bug

#11. The face of the largest bird of prey on earth, the Andean Condor. Their wingspan can reach over 10 feet

Photo: © zZBluewalrusZz

#12. Antarctica. The rest is under the water

Photo: © EnigmaQQ

#13. Buttress roots of a Mangrove tree. The lateral roots prevent shallow-rooted trees, common in tropical trees, from toppling over.

Photo: © 4wincle

#14. This beautiful “Orchid Mantis”, is very popular and loved for its bright pink and white colors, it is the queen of camouflage; since it has a survival technique that has improved throughout its evolution, confusing its victims with the petals of the beautiful Orchid.

Photo: © CommonSchemeForYou

#15. Gaboon Viper. Incredibly beautiful and generally cool.

Photo: © Octavian_202

#16. And I think to myself what a wonderful World. Colorful spring in The Netherlands

Photo: © anc1lla

#Bonus: Mating Elephants in Jim Corbett Park India

Photo: © RRI16