16 Fantastic Examples Proving That We Live In A Reality Of Miracles

If life was a movie from the fantasy genre, we would find the answers and explanations why reality and made out worlds merge sometimes. But since we don’t live in a movie scene, all is left to do is believe in miracles that life offers us on every step of our journey.

In the routine of ever mundane situations and stuff, it is impossible not to notice things that look like coming from a different reality.

Our team at Modern Mood has compiled a collection of 16 impressive things, places and situations that make this world so interesting and exciting. Scroll down to check the photos and share the rarest thing you’ve come across recently.

#1. A circle appeared in the evening sky over Beijing, China

Photo: © TheAcademy_

#2. Identical realities

Photo: © maxman87

#3. An albino frog chilling with its pond mates

Photo: © Boum82

#4. The creepiest Polaroid

Photo: © kitt_lite

#5. A thin ribbon of ice that developed on a branch overnight

Photo: © quicxly

#6. A perfectly good cake guitar trashed

Photo: © locolobo

#7. The weirdest egg my chicken could lay.

Photo: © cva_thapa

#8. A weird ikea plant that looks like a creature

Photo: © cccaaatttsssss

#9. If you peel a carrot you may find a hidden smiley face.

Photo: © Kosbysweater91

#10. A plastic wrapped truck at a local hardware store. Probably someone’s last day?

Photo: © misterpickleman

#11. Things that make your wold unique

Photo: © showchester

#12. Different colored tapetum lucidum

Photo: © different colored tapetum lucidum

#13. This must be a good day, There are no children inside.

Photo: © Ordinary-Advisor7616

#14. A bell piano. He was playing the GOT intro in this picture.

Photo: © JJpezboy

#15. Coincidence, I don’t think so

Photo: © w__tommo

#16. Come on Barbie Let’s go Party

Photo: © rraattbbooyy