16 Exciting Images To Remind Us This World Is An Amazing Place To Live In

The world’s largest fly is called the “Gauromydas heroes” whose body length can reach up to 7 centimeters. This creature is indeed terrifying. Imagine something that big flying towards you.

Every unusual, unique, and the extremely fascinating phenomenon is explained by the simplest phrase: this world is full of incredible stuff and never ceases to amaze with its creatures, places, and events. We are super lucky to live in the modern world and be part of the most exciting stuff and have the chance to learn more.

Our team has prepared 16 photos as a source of brand new information. Check out the collection and fill your knowledge reservoir with fresh discoveries.

#2. Sheds Made From Discarded Boats make it magical

Photo: © Dr_Zol_Epstein_III

#3. The broken turret of a T-72B3 looks similar?

Photo: © BorisBolockov

#4. Mixing 2 different hand soaps together made this happen

Photo: © fairfuckstoyou

#5. Vietnam veterans protest against the war in Philadelphia, 1976

Photo: © oseatri

#6. This dog has a split tongue from trying to lick a running chainsaw when he was younger.

Photo: © sarah_pl0x

#7. Grazing animals like sheep enjoy using the shadows of wind turbines to help stay cool. By design, these turbines are often on exposed terrain with less shade available.

Photo: © SonOfQuora

#8. Garter snakes coming out of hibernation and gathering to mate

Photo: © wilymon

#9. Just another work of a lazy stair maker

Photo: © HuntSafe2316

#10. Before and after the excavation of the ancient Greek stadium

Photo: © mrnicewatch23

#11. The first Mercedes’ Benz

Photo: © KalebWyber-Moore

#12. The head size difference between a man and a cane corso

Photo: © roseatri

#13. 6’9 compared to 5’1

Photo: © Crazedchin87

#14. The world’s largest fly ‘Gauromydas heros’. Its body length can reach 7 centimetres

Photo: © MyIpodStillWorks

#15. An early example of a successful cranioplasty (Peru, ca. 400 CE). The patient survived, as evidenced by the well-healed in situ cranioplasty made from a gold inlay.

Photo: © Ok_Earth_7545

#16. Bulandet, Norway. The truest beauty of our world

Photo: © Prizrenski_vitez