16 Discoveries About Things That Are Obvious But No One Ever Paid Attention To

There is always something interesting around us to discover, and we do enjoy reading about them and exploring more. Things are obvious, but no one has ever really thought about them. The great thing about this world is that it never stops fascinating us with its incredibility and eternal wonders.

In the early 1900s, a man named Martin Laurello was the most fascinating “freak” in American sideshows. However, this man was not born with any deformity or unusual medical condition. He just trained himself to turn his head backward completely. This is absolutely insane and beyond impressive. And the best is to know that life has yet more to show us. We have compiled a portion of interesting phenomena worldwide to keep you impressed.

#1. Imbaba neighborhood in Cairo, Egypt

Photo: © The-Sethalonian

#2. The Marie-Antoinette watch was commissioned in 1783 and took 19 years to create. It has 823 components. Functions include a clock, celestial time, calendar, chronograph, thermometer, chime, and automatic winding. It was valued at $30 million in 2013, likely worth a lot more now.

Photo: © CowboyBlob

#3. Ancient Egyptian pyramid capstone.

Photo: © StormOwn1248

#4. The “suicide letter” that the FBI anonymously mailed to Martin Luther King Jr. in an effort to persuade him to commit suicide.

Photo: © DepressedMemerBoi

#5. Ritual Dagger of Hayagriva, Mongolia, Mid 19th- Early 20th Century.

Photo: © AspiringOccultist4

#6. Molds of actual male and female gorillas. This is so impressive.

Photo: © beastmodeChadF13

#7. One of the most fascinating so-called “freaks” from the heyday of American sideshows in the early 1900s. Laurello wasn’t born with a deformity or unusual medical condition. He trained himself to turn his head completely backward.

Photo: © karma-enigma

#8. What do 406 Dire Wolf skulls pulled from the La Brea tarpit look like?

Photo: © Davethephotoguy

#9. “A tent-making bat” Javier Aznar Photography

Photo: © MoniMokshith

#10. This Braille etched railing in Naples, Italy, describes the view for blind people. Very wholesome.

Photo: © maddy_trash

#11. The adorable Java sparrow, also known as Java finch or Java rice bird, is a small passerine bird

Photo: © My_Bird_Buddy

#12. Leg-lengthening surgery is available in more than a dozen countries, with some people increasing their height by up to five inches (13cm).

Photo: © Tutipups

#13. Only true fans could endure this

Photo: © Lighten_Ad

#14. Insane. Diabão or known as the big devil, is a man in Brazil who wants to look like a devil through surgery.

Photo: © BerthjeTTV

#15. Here’s what’s left of the Home Depot fire in San Jose a couple of days ago.

Photo: © naturebeatsnurture

#16. This is not just a double toenail, it’s double distal toes

Photo: © TheRighteous999