16 Cutest Animals That Are Always Ready To Draw Smiles All Over Our Faces

A smile can never be too much. In fact, positivity is the greatest energy booster. The more energy you have, the healthier you are and have greater chances to succeed in life.

That is why we crucially need those who contribute to our energy-boosting process. And they more often have long fluffy tails, moist noses, and bark or meow most of the time.

We at Modern Mood have compiled a sweet collection of the cutest animals that are always ready to cheer us up and draw smiles all over our faces. Keep on scrolling to cherry-pick smiles for yourself too.

#1. The sillier they look, the cuter they are

Photo: © lmaosmh

#2. Being photogenic in hopes for pizza

Photo: © hexby

#3. Meet Oreo – he has big ears, loves to sleep on the couch, and gets very upset when he can not eat the cushions

#4. Those eyes are able to melt hearts

Photo: © dontknowfam4

#5. What’s that glorious smell?

Photo: © TheHeavyDark

#6. Cuteness overload

Photo: © kukidog

#7. My stepdad was adamant about no pets; now, she’s his best buddy!

Photo: © Andrina_Sedai

#8. This lil piggy is so adorable

Photo: © the_internet_clown

#9. The face when he is disappointed with something

Photo: © always-paranoid

#10. Always have your camera handy when you are near your furry friends.

Photo: © paul_is_on_reddit

#11. I have the happiest little guy, he’s only 11 weeks old, and he’s full of smiles

Photo: © erikawest3113

#12. He is as cuddly as he appears.

Photo: © Otherwise_Carob_4057

#13. This little beauty is smoothness itself

Photo: © littlemegzz

#14. If this is not the cutest thing, then we don’t know what is

Photo: © AspiringOccultist4

#15. Couldn’t get a more delightful present for the birthday

Photo: © dawnshlitz

#16. They grow up so fast and turn into real swans

Photo: © DoomsdayDebbie