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16 Coolest Antique Stuff That Made Us Envy Who Acquired Them First

Antique stores, flea markets, and thrift stores surely know how to attract buyers. Though it doesn’t always come to one’s mind to shop there, the stuff they offer is simply cool. And cheap, of course. This is the case when you really win by buying cheap stuff that is in reality priceless.

We have selected 16 incredible vintage findings that are too good to be true. Scroll down to see the photos and try not to envy those who got this stuff before you even saw them.

#1. Wow, how cool is this kitty TV bed?

Photo: © Beesquared22

#2. Simply beautiful couch and matching coffee table!

Photo: © blu_ruby

#3. Who else wants to have this amazing piece?

Photo: © fayrooz_eljazwy

#4. This is the reason why they say old is gold

Photo: © fayrooz_eljazwy

#5. Getting to know a vintage soul…

Photo: © fayrooz_eljazwy

#6. The curator called it a ‘Highboy’.

Photo: © Oktishark
Photo: © Oktishark

#7. You talking to me?

Photo: © Tiedup_tight

#8. Lovely tiles in the change rooms.

Photo: © Murrayruin

#9. Just lovely! Would you want one?

Photo: © Phuni44

#10. Vintage brass candelabra with mineral stem handle, made in Italy.

Photo: © zoo55

#11. 1930’s Coin Operated Hotel Fan. Looks and works great!

Photo: © g-o-u-l-a

#12. 100+-year-old prayer book in polish-Lithuanian

Photo: © pattern777

#13. This chair is 100+ years old but still looks perfect

Photo: © Oktishark

#14. Doesn’t this ceramic Xmas tree look lovely?

Photo: © crapatthethriftstore

#15. Chip and dip from the ’70s. The colors are incredible!

Photo: © jlbphd

#16. Vintage Art Deco necklace. 14k gold, lead crystal in a geometric cut. The necklace is from the 1920s

Photo: © LightThickens