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16 Photos From The Past That Made Us Feel The Thrill Of History

We live in the 21st century, and we are convinced that technologies and science only move forward, and each year we perform better and are closer to “perfection.” It only takes a 5-minute trip back to the past to realize that history is no less thrilling and sometimes can even upbeat the present and the future. The events from the past are so fun to observe, and they can be surprising as hell.

We have prepared 16 beyond-interesting shots from historical events that prove history is always exciting and has got a lot up its sleeve to show us yet.

Scroll down to see the photo collection and comment on the most impressive shot from the collection.

#1. Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria posing as a mummy in Cairo, Egypt. 1894

Photo: © TheExtimate

#2. Al Capone, the famous American gangster, with his son “Sonny” Capone in 1925.

Photo: © Pavel-Romanov

#3. Sailors giving a bit of a message with their haircuts, off the coast of Normandy, June 1944

Photo: © LongestBlockade

#4. 1957: Paul Anderson backlifting 2,844kg. The greatest weight ever raised by a human being.

Photo: © modestlyPoint

#5. A group of Chechen men at a wedding in1880s.

Photo: © zumsoy

#6. French soldiers in northern Saudi during the gulf war crisis (26th of October, 1990)

Photo: © tsModahoe

#7. Katya, an 18 years old prostitute, stands next to a police car on the street near Red Square, USSR, 1991.

Photo: © EZX0

#8. Salvador Dali painting “The Face of War,” 1940.

Photo: © Kumanderdante

#9. Indian PM Indira Gandhi reviews Indian soldiers at the Red Fort following the decisive victory of the 1971 Bangladesh liberation war

Photo: © Cheap-Lawfulness-963

#10. UPS Worker Delivers Packages In New York City During The Attacks of 9/11 2001.

Photo: © BeeferDoge

#11. President George H. Bush throws the first pitch at the Texas Rangers’ opening night in Arlington, Texas, April 8, 1991

Photo: © micr0driv3

#12. Captured Jewish women in Wesselényi Street, Budapest, Hungary 20–22 October 1944

Photo: © Agreeable_Tank229

#13. The aircraft carrier USS Franklin (CV-13) attacked during World War II on March 19, 1945

Photo: © BandedCanasta27

#14. Simple bridge made from two chains in China, circa 1930

Photo: © mikihak

#15. An Eskimo woman with long hair, Nome, Alaska, between 1896 to 1913

Photo: © greeable_Tank229

#16. The parliament building of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo during the Bosnian war in 1992

Photo: © EnderCladdy