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16 Cool Finds By Magnet Fishing That May Make You Quit You Job To Hunt For Treasures

You may have heard about magnet fishing, and you may think, what use can there be from grabbing metal objects hidden underwater? We thought the same way until we compiled this post and saw what people find while magnet fishing. There are so many things that get lost underwater every day, and if you begin magnet fishing as a daily hobby, you may never need a job again because the real treasures are hidden in the waters.

We have prepared 16 cool finds by lucky people that caught fantastic stuff with magnets and shared their achievements in the “magnet fishing” group on Reddit. Keep on scrolling to check the coolest finds.

#1. Magnet fishing for a Harley Davidson

Photo: © Outdoors-weekly

#2. Found a gun safe today!

Photo: © Outdoors-weekly

#3. What are the odds of finding a bike in a canal?

Photo: © Particular-Account-3

#4. The heaviest find ever! 98.4lbs (45kg), and we needed two magnets, a grappling hook, and three people to lift it 10′ straight out of the water.

Photo: © TreasureHuntingSquid

#5. The Triumph of the weekend!

Photo: © gaz_de_la_raz

#6. M69 Mortar from WW2. The Sergeant in charge of the bomb squad was very excited about it.

Photo: © MotorCityMagnetFish

#7. A barricade!

Photo: © Walkingzeb

#8. Magnet fishing is about finding crazy stuff

Photo: © Top-Equipment-6393

#9. Drift Trike!!! The best find

Photo: © walter_simpson

#10. A Kirpan. Ceremonial dagger worn by Sikhs.

Photo: © MightyApple_

#11. Caught this cool longboard out of about 40 feet of water while looking for a lost phone with the GoPro. Not warped and works great!

Photo: © SludgePirates
Photo: © SludgePirates

#12. How strong should a magnet be to pull in a catch like this?!

Photo: © JaredGonzales

#13. Out of a Toronto canal. Combo of magnet and grappling hook to get them out. The upper right is a bumper-car baby buggy!

Photo: © SludgePirates

#14. All found in Ga while magnet fishing

Photo: © Top-Equipment-6393

#15. Long lost stuff can be found due to the magic of a magnet

Photo: © 705_magnet_fishing

#16.  A revolver was found in the river while magnet fishing in New Hampshire

Photo: © magajeremy2024