16 Captivating Phenomena Of Our World That Keep Intriguing Us Without Much Effort

Holidays are over, and it’s already time to gain all our strengths, soak into a new year of discoveries, and explore the super intriguing days ahead. We have decided to start the year with utterly unique stuff because they say how you start it will mark how it flows.

So just scroll down to see exciting things and phenomena of our world that will never cease intriguing without even much effort.

#1. A skin condition called Dermatographia, due to which lightly scratching the skin causes raised, red lines where you’ve marked.

Photo: © Professional_Pen_330

#2. A  thumbs up or a monster leaf?

Photo: © Toelva

#3. Pink pigeon on a UK high street looking just stunning

Photo: © treacledor

#4. Two hummingbirds landed at the same time on my Rods while out fishing!

Photo: © trippykiwi12

#5. People designated this wall at the local vaccine center for 15-minute-wait stickers.

Photo: © ForgetfulFrolicker

#6. This garage door painted to look like a bookshelf, and it’s really cool

Photo: © spozeicandothis

#7. Frozen Spaghetti for two in North Dakota.

Photo: © ezman10

#8. This cluster of Golden Oyster mushrooms looks like covid-19 oddly enough

Photo: © reakyourfac

#9. The lights outside my local pharmacy are shaped like syringes

Photo: © hodigsdeepest

#10. My aunt and uncle’s dog has a self-portrait on the back of her head

Photo: © Maroon_Pidgeon

#11. A huge book to read while in the waiting room

Photo: © Amiar00

#12. Have you seen anything cuter today?

Photo: © blah-blasphemy

#13. The boss Carrot in a Kitchen

Photo: © rich31k

#14. A Christmas tree made in chemistry class

Photo: © l1ll3r

#15. A  caiman posing next to his lunch

Photo: © I3uller

#16. This is what a helicopter wrapped in plastic looks like

Photo: © cantread4content007