16 Astonishing Stuff The World Has Shown To Give Us An Exciting Experience

This world can’t stop astonishing us with the rarest things and phenomena going on right next to us. When we somehow manage to catch up with some really awesome stuff, it knows how to drastically twist the plot and give us new spine-chilling experiences.

Today, we have selected the most interesting and fresh stuff from around the world and want to share these photos with you until they are no longer actual and until new, fresher ones come up. Scroll down to see the collection and share the rarest thing you’ve seen on Internet lately.

1. Paedophryne amanuensis is the world’s smallest frog

Photo: © djwilliams100

2. The mind-blowing image of the Milky Way captured with the wrong settings

Photo: © Anikkdote

3. The Hansen Writing Ball is an early typewriter. It was invented in 1865 and patented, put into production in 1870, and was the first commercially produced typewriter.

Photo: © PantherGhost007

4. The natural camouflage is just mind-blowing. Each of these is an insect.

Photo: © unsocial1butterfly

5. A wedding of twin grooms with twin brides, officiated by Twin priests with twin pageboys and flower girls

Photo: © Professorbananas11

6. Housefly’s foot under the microscope

Photo: © Punoinoi

7. An amazing hand-made Obsidian Stone Knife with Antler Handle

Photo: © ShiftyDiscoDragon

8. In Split, Croatia, there’s free wireless charging for your phones embedded into park benches.

Photo: © doctorprism

9. Mount Fuji reflecting in Lake Tanuki, Japan, is gorgeous

Photo: © probableAnnouncement

10. Serbian combat diver. They have a few patrol boats, minesweepers, and landing craft. Usage is obviously limited to the river.

Photo: © GlobalSweet

11. One of the Easter Island Moai statues was carved but never erected. it would have stood 72ft tall (the tallest standing is 33ft high) and weighed more than 2 Boeing 737’s.

Photo: © bizarre_gene

12. The largest fossil of a giant millipede has been found on a beach in north England. The creature called Arthropleura dates from the carboniferous period, approximately 326 million years ago.

Photo: © Queerdough

13. This is what anti-drone guns look like called SkyWiper

Photo: © b3nd3rin0

14. Imaginary apartments

Photo: © TheNutCracked

15. A US Navy fighter jet created “shockwave lines” as it approached the speed of sound.

Photo: © AdlerEule

16. Ancient Nazca skull with long braids that are still attached to the skull and measure 2.80m in length. It belonged to a priestess who died around 200 BC at the age of 50.

Photo: © hardconsul