15 Worn-Out Objects Showing The Merciless Power Of Time

No one and nothing has ever escaped from the cruel verdict of time. Every creature, phenomenon, place, and whole universe eventually experience its destructive nature.

It is just amazing how everything around us changes over time and eventually vanishes. In this post, our team at Modern Mood has selected the photos of well-worn stuff that prove the statement “time spares nothing and no one”.

#1. Puerto Vallarta, México

Photo: © amauryt

#2. Please meet the old tree hugger.

Photo: © bored_in_birmingham

#3. Try to look this good in your 900 years

Photo: © enventim

#4. You can tell where people tend to line up at this Brooklyn hardware store by where the linoleum tile has been worn away to reveal the original ceramic.

Photo: © RebbeofBK

#5. Apparently, this statue has been frequently rubbed in the lucky spot

Photo: © realGharren

#6. Eventually, nature takes over everything

Photo: © Gargle_Marbles

#7. These boots never failed in 6 years

Photo: © TigerBlue12

#8. Sunset Shadows

Photo: © mr_kwu

#9. The one and only basketball that lives at the local park and somehow still bounces.

Photo: © sangallium

#10. This deteriorating combination lock has a history

Photo: © SweetTaterette

#11. These trees are enjoying a red delicious truck.

Photo: © /theguywhoisheretoday

#12. The stairs in a medieval castle in Italy

Photo: © karlienneke

#13. Old vs new polishing brush.

Photo: © Kimotabraxas

#14. A brand new one after 4 years

Photo: © hum4nw4st3

#15. This guy is dancing at the same place for weeks

Photo: © Gymbrain

#16. Okay, just tell us how lit is this?

Photo: © ShitStainedBallSack

#17. The new grill brush next to one we’ve had for a couple of years.

Photo: © Serotoninmonkey

#18. Where the old hats go when they die!

Photo: © PhantomOfDeezNutz