15 Women That Chose To Go From Luscious Long Hair To Sexy Short, Prove That Hairstyle Can Be A Real Game Changer

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It’s definitely hard to take care of long hair – delicately choosing the right products to maintain the natural glow, keeping them well-conditioned and avoid over-shampooing, trying to stay tangle-free, using a really good brush.

So women sometimes have to choose between being super pretty with luxurious long hair or feeling all comfy with short hair. Well, we must tell you long hair is not always about being super pretty and stunning, women can look even sexier with short-cut hair. If you still have doubts you should definitely check out all these women that dared to have their long “luxurious” haircut and don’t even seem to regret it at all.

We at Modern Mood think that women are beautiful both ways, be it a short, super fresh, and cool haircut or stunning and luscious long hair, it all makes women more seductive and highlights their ever existing beauty. We simply think that one just needs to find the style that brings out the best in her.

Even those who are in the process of growing their hair need a trim from time to time because, well, who needs long hair if it’s fragile and unhealthy and hasn’t seen a casual cut in quite a long period?

Before you decide on long or short hair just remember that some haircuts are really life-changing and don’t be afraid to take the risk. Whatever you choose you’ll look most beautiful when you feel confident and good about yourself. These ladies that chose to have short hair surely do, they feel good and this is truly where the spark of beauty comes from.


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