15+ Weirdest And Funniest Bathroom Designs That Would Make You Forget Why You Entered There

Toilet time should be a quiet, “peaceful” experience, or that’s how we expect it to be, at least. This “me time” is usually quite simple when you’re at home in your own bathroom, in your own comfort, but things are prepared differently in public bathrooms. Here you can find a whole range of various designs, and they are very often too absurd to be true.

Below is a hilarious list of the oddest and the most epic bathroom designs that will make the one who enters there a little confused, speechless, uncomfortable, and most possibly makes their experience unforgettable.
We were sure you wouldn’t believe such designs exist, that’s why we prepared some photo proof. Scroll down to crack from laughter.

#1. A bathroom floor to terrify the hell out of you

Photo: © Dr_Zol_Epstein_III

#2. Blurred decisions…

Photo: © franandwood

#3. Come sit on daddy’s lap.

Photo: © F4tDawg

#4. Are the bathrooms gender-neutral?

Photo: © EndersGame_Reviewer

#5. At least you don’t run out in the middle of a process

Photo: © SomeonOnTheInternet

#6. t‘s pretty funny, but you know some drunk dude is gonna go for it

Photo: © Tyrdiel-

#7. Is it normal that we actually love this?

Photo: © thewestafrican

#8. Get the matching tea set!

Photo: © brug76

#9. A chill place to…

Photo: © maxo_6910

#10. Good job, bro

Photo: © Maryshka_

#11. I think yesterday’s meal was very spicy

Photo: © v8mustang1969

#12. It will feel like you are skiing…

Photo: © v8mustang1969

#13. This bathroom would be torture if you had a hangover.

Photo: © scaffelpike

#14. Do you feel watched? Well, you should!

Photo: © v8mustang1969

#15. A bit too floral to be true

Photo: © just-an-inch

#16. Found some naughty Trump in a gay bar in Spain.

Photo: © steelpan

#Bonus: This actually made us sad…Some day we’ll pee here too

Photo: © jolleyho