15 Ways They Served Meals In The Restaurants Made These People Scream “We Want Plates”

Fancy restaurants are the places where meals and coffee are forever overpriced but we love the idea to dine at those places. There was a time when chefs were just renaming well-known meals to make us wanna try them but now they bring too much creativity in serving those meals so visitors are a little shocked by such a service.

But at the end of the day, an average person just wants to eat well, not stare at the plate and be unsure what to do next. Check out these 15 mind-blowing designs of very “creative” minds that should be on the display for “the weirdest serving ways” exhibition.

#1. Turns out you could order Barbie Meat at a Chinese Hot Pot restaurant

Photo: © luketherock

#2. Hmm, this grilled cheese came in a doggy bowl

Photo: © sunburnkings

#3. Japan is always one step ahead

Photo: © MakeMeTea

#4. On a comb, seriously?

Photo: © Ralph_Cane

#5. Just a truck carrying your today’s meal

Photo: © datsun1978

#6. Caesar salad or Charlie Brown Christmas tree?

Photo: © nonsonosvizzero

#7. Cocktail Bathtub is never complete with Rubber Ducky

Photo: © edgarhl091

#8. A glass of pasta, please!

Photo: © VinWing13

#9. Seriously, this is how they serve a gin and tonic?

Photo: © Radiodead31

#10. Meat platter served on a pair of antlers

Photo: © SuperCub

#11. You may wanna lick off the table too

Photo: © dabuttmonkee

#12. Soup in a shell…

Photo: © lilcyphu

#13. Serving food on a shoe in Vegas. Well, this is a little disrespectful

Photo: © 1itt1ekids1ov3r

#14. Why would the corn chips come in a Rusty bucket?

Photo: © mezzoforte24

#15. Beautifully plated, but not a plate, not even over a plate

Photo: © MrMarkAhsac