15 Trees That Grew In The Most Unexpected Places To Remind Us Never To Give Up

Forests cover 31 percent of the Earth’s surface with more than 3.04 trillion Globally estimated trees. It’s a miracle how in spite of the irreversible damage that humankind causes nature, some trees obviously won’t give up and keep growing to produce oxygen for us to breathe and simply live, as ironic as it may sound.

Growing from the concrete, in the middle of a desert, inside another tree, even in the most lifeless place, we really owe these resilient trees that keep us alive with their choice and the struggle to live.

We have compiled some photos of fascinating trees that grow in the most unexpected and incredible places and make us remember never to give up and that Nature always finds a way even when they are hard to find.

#1. No obstacles can prevent Spring from coming

Photo: © sehrozsehroz

#2. Because new life always finds a way

Photo: © dazedwit

#3. Tree roots are like icebergs, you never know how deep they spread

Photo: © LeftHandLuke01

#4. Even after falling down this tree continued to grow

Photo: © Absoll-utely

#5. And this one tree fell over and grew 7 new trees. Incredible, isn’t it?

Photo: © Cannot16

#6. It fell down to remind it still can grow

Photo: © Kbstr267

#7. This tree grew out of the stump of a dead tree and then the stump rotted away

Photo: © DanbroMongoose

#8. One of the most unexpected places for a tree to grow is the third-floor window

Photo: © Willa_Catheter_work

#9. The Renaissance

Photo: © Monsterclip

#10. Crawling up the walls

Photo: © Forz

#11. When Nature takes over.

Photo: © hummymai

#12. Still don’t believe in Nature’s power to keep us stunned?

Photo: © CEphoto, Uwe Aranas

#13. Just antoher tree with a wall inside

Photo: © vwcampermanz

#14. Grown across the driveway and sprouted more trees off the top.

Photo: © Watoosky

#15. Still won’t give up…

Photo: © Izzerskizzers