15 Times People Transformed Their Old Stuff Into Something Brand New And The Results Are Just Amazing

It takes a huge amount of creativity, effort, and patience to turn something once trash into a brand new useful, and trendy item. The truth is that most of us don’t have the time and the nerves to try and transform the old and useless items into real treasures but it doesn’t mean that we can’t admire those who have done this.

From an old shirt to a brand new stylish dress, from old fashioned suit to a super sexy outfit, these people have up-cycled their old stuff and gave a fresh breath to their long-forgotten outfits. In fact, this is the way sustainable fashion is developed and hopefully, these examples will become a motivation for lots of other people to bring new life into their old items and be of great help to the natural environment we’ve been taking for granted for years.

Scroll down to see the creative transformations by different users.

#1. Sturdy, functional & fashionable baskets from plastic shipping /bale straps

Photo: © lycorisette

#2. A Bridgerton inspired bustier from a vintage silk blouse.

Photo: © transformedbytracy

#3. An inspiring transformation

Photo: © chol-xoxo

#4. Recycling old camp coolers to make warm kitty shelters for winter!

Photo: © Waifer2016

#5.  Upcycled a thrifted blouse & lace scraps into a silk lace cami.

Photo: © transformedbytracy

#6. Cosy pyjamas set from an old blanket

Photo: © megjc_1

#7. TV turned into a cat bed!

Photo: © CamrynDaytona

#8. From rags to riches

Photo: © potatochild3

#9. Turned an old fan with a bad motor into a lamp

Photo: © navy_snipenavy_snipe

#10. Embroidered by hand using an upholstery needle and yarn.

Photo: © but-Im-not-a-raccoon

#11. Turned a broken air compressor into a flower pot that has a reservoir.

Photo: © EricFlatBeat

#12. Pickle jars make better vases

Photo: © merme91

#13. Sweater not won since 1996 and a zipper from an old bag = wool overall for my kid

Photo: © InsanitySuitsMe

#14. A brand new quarantine bar.

Photo: © caphoto88

#15. From hand wall plates to “Very Ugly” Plates

Photo: © milczak