15 Times People Recreated Their Old Photos And Made Us Stop And Look Through Our Own Photo Albums

Time flies so fast and we all hurry to catch up with the rhythm of this crazy life. And one day boom: we realize that our “yesterday” was 20 years ago and this is when we start looking back at our life that passes in just like an instant.

Photos are the best reminders of the craziest and greatest days of our life. And some people wanted to feel these moments once again or just show how much time changes everything by recreating the old photographs.

From grandchildren recreating the photos of their grandparents to those recreating their own photos years later, these photos are really heartwarming and made us look through our photo albums too.

#1. Arnold Schwarzenegger and his son

Photo: © Metalloid_Emon

#2. Same spot, different food, 18 years apart

Photo: © fundevill

#3. “There are approximately 20 years between these two photos of me and my mom. I painted her face, she painted mine.”

Photo: © hanwestwood

#4. “Me and my grandpa in medical school 70 years apart”

Photo: © Neuromancy_

#5. “My mother’s favorite picture for Christmas. 23 years apart”

Photo: © Deeplight

#6. “15 years later and we still have that mall photo shoot swagger!”

Photo: © malencross

#7. “My parents in 1975 and again in 2020. They’ve been married and playing music together for over 45 years now!”

Photo: © rxhunnel

#8. 18 years and counting of being best friends

Photo: © TrekkieTay

#19. “My dad and I 38 years apart”

Photo: © Imgur

#10. WWII Paratroopers

Photo: © iamonlyoneman

#11. A photo recreation for Nana’s album

Photo: © hanwestwood.

#12. 40 years Later…

Photo: © bitbot2000

#13. Minor Threat’s 1985 Salad Days album cover recreated in 2021

Photo: © zereldalee

#14. “Me and my dad. 1982 and 2021. Both age 20, 39 years apart.”

Photo: © IneedThepiano

#15. Me and my bros years later

Photo: © guilhasbranc0