15 Times Designers Tried Hard To Be Creative But Ended Up With The Most Weird Failed Designs

Being a designer is not a very easy job. Not only designers are very creative people but they also HAVE to be one. However, sometimes they get carried away with that idea of being so much creative they end up over-designing that becomes more of a failure than a success.

Of course, it’s better to fail because of trying so hard and putting much effort into one’s work than not doing anything at all.

Keep on scrolling to check out the photos of some weird and sometimes even absurd designs that even though designers put much effort in creating but failed anyway. And try not to laugh at some of them.

#1. This is a bad dream, isn’t it?

Photo: © Cnmbnmya

#2. Looks good on the package, not so much when worn

Photo: © FarisFrontiers

#3. Solved with grace

Photo: © stangame

#4. We don’t need that corner, I guess…

Photo: © _Nickers_

#5. This toilet seat makes it looks like someone didn’t quite make it

Photo: © PanthermalUnderwear

#6. What do you think about this bulldog statue?

Photo: © cutzngutz

#7. Give Mom the gift of horror

Photo: © flysly

#8. “My bedhead has a constantly lit LED built into the light switch that is bright enough to see the entire room with at night. Fun fact, blue light is most likely to mess with your brain’s ability to sleep!”

Photo: © Sparrowflyaway

#9. These benches are tilted back and have no drainage system, so the water just sits there for up to days after a rainstorm.

Photo: © BedrockPanda

#10. The weirdest stairs you’ll see today

Photo: © Trashadonna

#11. When you think this may be your first and the last project so you do it all

Photo: © YaTozheNeRobot

#12. The ridiculously tiny bathroom with everything you need (or don’t)

Photo: © miko_talik

#13. Plant Dyed Underwear…

Photo: © Glycine_max

#14. Our Municiplaity made bike lanes for us finally…oops

Photo: © sarsina

#15. Can’t decide if this pool is for giant children or miniature St. Bernards.

Photo: © flojopickles