15 Thrilling Photos of Strong Emotions Making Us Relive Them Ourselves

It’s true that words can fail to express certain emotions from time to time but our body never does. We may try to hide them but our gestures can never lie even we try really hard.

Although, we know that there are six basic universally experienced emotions: sadness, happiness, anger, fear, disgust, and surprise, there are more emotional states a human being experiences than that.

Not only humans but also our four-legged fluffy girls and boys have their cute ways to express their emotions. In fact, some of them are so emotional they could even be nominated for Oscar for being so dramatic.

When we were compiling his article for our readers we really got thrilled with the strong emotions portrayed in these photos and are sure you’ll experience the same after watching them.

#1. The child’s reaction when holding her newborn sister.

Photo © nayim123

#2. “Our new foster dog’s reaction when you ask her if she’s a good girl…”

Photo © Papi_Queso

#3. “My pitbull always thought he was the biggest dog at the dog park.”

Photo © warros

#4. Parents expected to give birth to a baby girl, this was their reaction after discovering it was a boy

Photo © MuricanTragedy5

#5. “A couple of years ago on Thanksgiving, I asked my niece if she farted…”

Photo © malpheres

#6. “My son ate a lemon. I caught his reaction in the perfect picture.”

Photo © Imgur

#7. “My pug Dexters reaction to the siren sound of a can of soft dog food being opened.”

Photo © _love_pugs_dammit

#8. Highly emotional

Photo © sobaliv

#9. “My cat’s reaction to her new diet food”

Photo © makhalifa

#10. Everyone’s reaction in this picture is priceless

Photo © kamaljamal1

#11. “Her reaction when we brought out her birthday cake”

Photo © Imgur

#12. “My dog’s reaction when he saw I was shaving my beard for the first time in 2 years is priceless!”

Photo © karthik0919

#13. “My daughter’s priceless reaction when I decided to take the XL bowl of Pho challenge”

Photo © Donnol

#14. “I accidentally turned on the news and my cats reaction says it all”

Photo © Rishacat

#15. Trump, Merkel, and Macron have different reactions to Putin’s arrival

Photo © OMGLMAOWTF_com