15 Thrilling And Rare Historical Photo Facts That Can’t Be Found In Textbooks

Photography serves as real proof for many facts we’re not so keen to believe without seeing with our own eyes. There have been so many events during the history of mankind, some of which are hard to believe, and some too interesting not to be known.

We have prepared 15 photo facts in this article that will take you on a virtual trip through history and help you make new discoveries. Let’s go!

#1. A beach in Iran a few months before the Islamic Revolution, 1979

Photo: © darxouls

#2. John F. Kennedy Jr. exploring his father’s desk in the Oval Office on October 10, 1962

Photo: © NotWorthyByAnyMeans

#3. Nan Wood Graham and Dr. Byron McKeeby next to Grant Wood’s “American Gothic” in the Gallery at the Cedar Rapids Public Library, September 1942.

Photo: © DiosMioMan2

#4. Survivors from the 87th Floor of the World Trade Center (North Tower) Wandering in the Dust after the Collapse of the South Tower – New York City, September 11, 2001

Photo: © SixteenSeveredHands

#5. Australian field artillery soldiers move through what’s left of Château Wood during the Third Battle of Ypres – 1917

Photo: © baiqibeendeleted17x

#6. London, 1931, Mahatma Gandhi meets Charlie Chaplin while the former was visiting London in 1931.

Photo: © Mr_Kris_

#7. U.S. helicopters pour machine-gun fire into the tree line to cover the advance of South Vietnamese troops ca. 1965

Photo: © baiqibeendeleted17x

#8. On September 19, 1863, Jacob Miller was shot between the eyes in the Battle of Chickamauga. Left for dead, he managed to crawl to a field hospital

Photo: © Columbus90

#9. Munition workers in a shell warehouse at National Shell Filling Factory No.6, Chilwell, Nottinghamshire, 1917

Photo: © NihilisticNoir

#10. A vertical parking lot in New York, 1920s

Photo: © allahkabulolsun

#11. Ivan Unger and Gladys Roy play tennis on top of a biplane -1925

Photo: © frikazosfsdfsd

#12. Young Princess Diana with her guinea pig – 1972

Photo: © AndrzejWlusek

#13. Woodstock 1969

Photo: © husker3in4

#14. Photographer John Drysdale attacked by a kangaroo, 1962

Photo: © lakerboy152

#15. Queen Genepil of Mongolia, 1923

Photo: © lakerboy152

#16. The impressive photo of Afghan Girl, 1984

Photo: © betalymb

#17. Sophie Loren & Jayne Mansfield, 1957

Photo: © MarineKingPrime_

#18. Lower Manhattan in 1980. The twin towers can be seen in the very background.

Photo: © somnum_osseus