15 Things You Didn’t Have A Clue What Are Made For Explained Thoroughly

Internet and access to unlimited information have become a disaster in some cases, but in some, it’s been a savior and a blessing. Nowadays, it’s possible to find out about the most interesting stuff and get answers to questions we would never have found without the magic of that one click.

Things have become so easy that there is even a group on Reddit named “what is this thing” where people share stuff they have doubts about or don’t have a clue what they are made for. Other users comment and give explanations for these things and phenomena.

In this collection, we have selected the 15 most interesting objects that were a discovery for us as well. Scroll down to check this stuff and share the weirdest thing you have at home.

#1. Tray table. It has another piece to it. It’s a tray with matching pegs. The tray goes on top, and the pegs slide in. They fit together, so the tray sits tightly. Then you take the tray back to the kitchen and put the sliding part back so it’s not in the way.

Photo: © belokan

#2. An EkTara, the Bauls of Bengal, are famous for using this single-stringed instrument. Ek means Single or One.

Photo: © mowietecha

#3. The candle holder is made to look like a minesweeper mine; the top goes over the candle and smothers the flame

Photo: © zer22

#4. That’s an oil lamp. You can see the wick at the top of the photo.

Photo: © home_in_pleiades

#5. They’re cross-pieces to an old wine press. So probably the bar that goes through a screw press.

Photo: © LoveThyNeighbours

#6. Toilet paper holder. Toilet paper was sold in stacks before it was ever sold on rolls.

Photo: © KingBarbarosa

#7. Latch hook rug tool

Photo: © Wild_Vehicle1592

#8. Bag mitts. They protect your hands when you use a punching bag.

Photo: © glasock

#9. Refinery black oil heating element.

Photo: © Professorbananas11

#10. It’s a “New Age” crystal energy piece. The center “pendulum” crystal came from an antique electric table lamp (It is right behind me…I’ll post a pic). It’s been worked and ground down to have those curves (likely done with a Dremel tool. The rest is bits and pieces from candle holders or incense/oil burners.

Photo: © Parisbruv

#11. Pendulum for a water pump. The pendulum provides a continuous flow of water.

Photo: © FanZag

#12. “Sixth digit” accessibility device for pressing buttons etc.

Photo: © mrconstantfuckup

#13. Beeswax religious icons. The loop is for hanging. These are popular with the Greek Orthodox.

Photo: © Mymotherwasaspore

#14. Breakfast cook set; spoon for removing boiled eggs from pot; fork for turning bacon without scooping up grease, with a more accurate touch.

Photo: © etherama1

#15. Lake Pend O’reille is incredibly deep, and the Navy has been using it for subs and acoustic testing for quite a long time.

Photo: © alasko84