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15 tattoos that can only be called cool in a parallel reality

Tattooing is, first of all, an art and a way to express your character in an artistic way. Although sometimes there are people with dubious tattoos that were made, perhaps, in a drunken state, it is rather difficult to explain another reason for their application. See for yourself and think carefully before getting a tattoo.

1. Local tattoo artist I got recommended.

Photo: © The_Voski

2. Seen on Facebook

Photo: © dezualy

3. Been holding on to this pic for years

Photo: © reloadthewords

4. First armpit mandala finished

Photo: © tucker2316

5. Harry Potter is rolling in his grave.

Photo: © trashofagirl

6. Found on a local tattoo artist’s account…

Photo: © AmayaILoveYou


Photo: © agreeable_Tank229

8. What is that face??

Photo: © AdapterCable

9.“Angles” and demons

Photo: © small_batch

10. Even by prison standards, these are really… something

Photo: © TributeWitch

11. Found on Instagram from a local shop

Photo: © Designer-Bid-3155

12. Tell me you live in your meth boyfriend’s trailer without telling me.

Photo: © viciousdv

13. This is well done but definitely startling.

Photo: © CatPooedInMyShoe

14. Horse or chicken nugget?

Photo: © amodia_x

15. No hair? No problem!

Photo: © Redhillies67