15 Surprisingly Massive Objects That Are So Big It’s Even Intimidating

Have you seen how big the door of the Hassan II Mosque in Morocco is? Or the largest rodent which really made our jaw drop because of its size. If the answer’s no, then keep on scrolling because our team once again went through the oversized objects and selected some of the most massive ones that are both astonishing in their size and too fun to watch.

The actual size of something is especially noticed in comparison with something else of its kind but the objects we’re going to show here are so huge that there is even no need to compare them with anything else.

Check out the photos and tell us what was the most unexpected for you.

#1. Diving next to a massive iceberg

Photo: © RyanSmith

#2. The size of the Ever Given seen from the banks of the Suez

Photo: © hconfiance

#3. An absolute unit of a Pelican in London.

Photo: © hconfiance

#4. The largest rodent we were telling you about.

Photo: © mylesserknowngaybro

#5. Polar bears can grow up to be up 9 feet tall

Photo: © the_ultimate_salvaje

#6. Bald Eagle’s nest with a ranger for scale

Photo: © okeydokeydude

#7. The mesmerizing size of Orangutan

Photo: © staidplub

#8. This gigantic bull from England named “Field Marshall” weighs in at an outstanding 3,689 pounds.

Photo: © yellayahmar

#9. Giant South African Bullfrog.

Photo: © Browndog888

#10. Comparison of the root system of prairie grass vs agricultural. The removal of these root systems is what lead to the dust bowl when drought arrived.

Photo: © Jesse_EG

#11. The door of the Hassan Tanni mosque, Morocco

Photo: © assassinkingXD

#12. The great Albatros with two biologists for scale

Photo: © nicosfofo

#13. US sawmill log handling

Photo: © dangerous_welshman

#14. Waitomo Caves in New Zealand

Photo: © j3ffr33d0m

#15. One of the huge rings they used for close-up shots in Lord of The Rings

Photo: © 73ch_nerd