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15 Striking Images That Portray The Real Magic In The Moment And Look Like A Piece Of Art

Sometimes to capture the perfect photo that portrays the magic at the moment and gives the thrill of real art, it is enough simple to be in the right place at the right time. And when some skill is added to the process it is most probable to get a real masterpiece.

The photos we have prepared in this article are just incredible and those taking these shots probably didn’t even have a clue they are making fine pieces of art. Now we know how exactly random moments in our life become the dearest memories.

#1. Winner of PotM May 2019 ITAP of my diving instructor reaching the surface

Author: /u/nilolium @allerorts

#2. The pasta straight out the pot

Photo: © big_pepe10

#3. The Williamsburg Bridge at night

Photo: © egirlfrienduwu

#4. Inside of an abandoned church

Photo: © Felixxxxxxxxxthecat

#5. Picture of my girlfriend through a glass

Author:/u/SplashOnTheLens @b.gisbert

#6. I took a picture of lightning in the mountains at the Gum-Bashi pass, Caucasus

Photo: © kot0vich

#7. The beauty of the Northern Lights

Photo: © GuffinCreative

#8. The most enchanting sunset walk route

Photo: © Doeeme

#9. The coffee shop window

Photo: ©KingofHarts32

#10. Florence Welch, 2020

Photo: © great_red_dragon

#11. Pigeon the Grey fights Balrog and becomes Pigeon the White. The fellowship is stunned.

Photo: © OlBennyofBolton

#12.The Netherlands …

Photo: © itsapenguinmachine

#13. Skater in an alley

Author: /u/SteveR92 @steveroe_ .

#14. Eid Goats

Photo: © imankitty

#15. Wonderment at The Akron Zoo.

Photo: © steinweg

Bonuis: I took a picture of me with a thunderstorm

Photo: © Fragrant-Remove-9031