15 Satisfying Photos Of Objects Halved In Two To Reveal What They Actually Hide Inside

The beautiful appearance and the outside charm of Snow White’s stepmother were never a part of her inner world. Unfortunately, we can’t guess what our surrounding world and objects hide inside.

Although we can’t cut everything in half to see what’s inside them, there are people who still did and shared these photos in a group that’s dedicated to everything that is halved to reveal what they carry inside.

We have prepared 15 photos and a bonus and are more than sure that you’ll enjoy checking them out!

#1. The 1,000-year-old Buddha sculpture reveals a mummified monk hidden inside

Photo: © Chasith

#2. This is how deep the rabbit burrows go

Photo: © Yojimbe

#3. The tech inside of an old Olympus camera is just epic

Photo: © 1stumbler

#4. The mechanism inside a zippo lighter is quite simple

Photo: © persistentlyfluffy

#5. The fluffy sheep can actually be hideous

Photo: © pdmcmahon

#6. Revealing what’s inside the Japanese Roadway after Sinkhole

Photo: © CandiKaine

#7. As it turns out only the first layer of a tree is original

Photo: © thoughtillness

#8. The “Silver Bullet” Tank Shell looks so brutal

Photo: © hawkwood4268

#9. This is how it works! Airsoft Electric Gun

Photo: © King_Ding-a-ling

#10. If you ever wondered what an L7 105 mm tank gun looks like from the inside

Photo: © Shrek1982

#11. You might never have seen the inside of the escalators, so here you go

Photo: © Natcyla

#12. Multi-engine aircraft cutting cloud layer in half with ‘prop blast’

Photo: © BeamingJatropha916

#13. The inside of a sea urchin is edible and has a briny taste.

Photo: © pjvc_

#14. Revealing the inside of an earthworm is such a cruel thing

Photo: © Etsu87

#15. This huge mysterious hall is actually the inside of an old cello

Photo: © to_the_tenth_power

#Bonus: A spicey artwork of the ‘Earth’s Engine Exposed’

Photo: © jaykirsch