15 Restaurants That Tried So Hard On Being Original That Just Ended up Being Ridiculous

Today to impress the customers the businesses need to work really hard and constantly come up with brighter and more creative ideas. So some cafes and restaurants have thought that not only the service matters but also how you provide that service. This is true!

But some of them exaggerate so much it became absurd. Well, we have seen cakes shaped like a barbie but charcuterie? Please, you must be kidding!

Here is a collection of the weirdest ways they serve in restaurants that make people say “Just bring a simple plate, for God’s sake”. Scroll down and don’t forget to tell us what was the weirdest way you were served in a restaurant.

#1. Charcuterie, anyone?

Photo: © junk_chain

#2. Good cakes have to be served on such plates

Photo: © finsane82

#3. Do we also want glasses?

Photo: © catcatcatcatcatcat_

#4. Used cutting boards is what we have here in Tucson I guess

Photo: © forest_nymph022

#5. Please, pass the tartare…

Photo: © JacksRevolver21

#6. Has anyone ordered a doughnut tree?

Photo: © greedymeatball

#7. The paddle-less Douche Canoe that Austin, TX is swiftly becoming…

Photo: © Able_Hunter

#8. A handful of jam served on a plate at an upscale restaurant

Photo: © pabloiswatchingyou

#9. Hope you guys like a thin, sticky coating all over everything you own

Photo: © gaudymcfuckstick

#10. What do we want!?! Surely not that!

Photo: © Janson_Murphy

#11. The Fun Bag

Photo: © notintocooking

#12. This milkshake is awfully thick. How it could not be?

Photo: © aras1066

#13. Gardening-themed restaurant… Sydney Australia

Photo: © meska-fonas

#14. Never mind, I’m not that hungry

Photo: © 1itt1ekids1ov3r

#15. Beautifully plated, huh?

Photo: © MrMarkAhsac

#16. Yes, I would like your “mini corn dogs on a ceramic decorative pillow” please.

Photo: © GimmeSomeLoven

#17. Okay, who would even dare to eat these?

Photo: © Ralph_Cane

#18. Yes, that is a bagel filled with cheese mounted like a deer over a bowel of tomato soup

Photo: © taarquinn

#19. Well, at least they tried to be creative

Photo: © Wingnut_Wesley

#20. The croquette in the iron mask

Photo: © izzygomes