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15 Really Big Items That Awe Inspire Their Huge Size

Countless phobias in the world are hard to imagine. For example, there is a fear of being without a mobile phone called nomophobia, there is an irrational fear of the color yellow called Xanthophobia, and some suffer from auroraphobia – fear of the northern lights. And now, that you understand that strange phobias are a dime a dozen, we want to tell you about Megalophobia or, in other words, the fear of large objects. If you experience the awe and genuine anxiety at the sight of sculptures, skyscrapers, or giant marine animals, know that you are among those who are afraid of big things.

1. Ship Out Of Water

2. Giant baby hiding in the art gallery back rooms

3. Golden Gate Bridge in Fog

4. On Top of the stairs in Pico Tijuca, Brazil

5. This massive boulder in southern India that’s been sitting on this steep slope for the past 1,400 years

6. The Enchanting mossy forest of Mt. Pulag, Philippines

7. This made me feel small

8. Utah crack

9. A 150 ft. Iceberg passing through Iceberg Alley near Twillingate, Newfoundland, Canada, nothing to worry about, just a big ass piece of ice floating in your backyard

10. The unfinished sculpture of Lakota Warrior Crazy Horse. Construction was started in 1948 and the best estimate for completing works, including the body and the horse he will be riding is 2037.

11. Arbol Del Tule tree, the tree with the largest trunk (wouldn’t hurt to call it the biggest tree though)

12. Giant Supercell Thunderstorm in Texas

13. Standing on the spire, Wilshire Grand, downtown Los Angeles

14. All works by Inward are Megalophobia material

15.“Oldest living tree east of the Mississippi”