15 Rare Things We Hardly Would Be Able To Ever See If Not For Curious Photographers

Photography has made it easier and possible for us to access the most fascinating, crazy, and unbelievable phenomena that otherwise would be unknown to us.

Where else would we see the Octopus with a transparent head, or the US elevation, or the only traditional Kalinga tattoo artist alive, or what a tsunami evacuation pod looks like if not for photography and the curious photographers that spend their lives searching for the most captivating things to show the world?

Check out the incredible shots we have collected here and admire the wonders of our lives.

#1. This is what strong winds have done in Salt Lake

Photo: © zeldadorf

#2. The ghost sculpture at the Castle of Vezio, Italy. The ghosts are made with a help of tourists who offer to be put in position and then covered with gauze and plaster for about an hour until it is dry.

Photo: © MTPokitz

#3. The Vasa ship capsized and sank in Stockholm in 1628. After over 330 years on the sea bed, the warship was salvaged and the Vasa Museum built around.

Photo: © Human02211979

#4. This is what a Desert Oasis looks like. Isn’t it just incredible?

Photo: © MerseySideAlt9

#5. Interestingly, the nside of a cheese grater looks like a nightclub

Photo: © 2old-you

#6. A colony of 200,000 King Penguins.

Photo: © MerseySideAlt9

#7. 17-year-old Juliane Koepcke was sucked out of an airplane in 1971 after it was struck by a bolt of lightning. She fell 2 miles to the ground, strapped to her seat, and survived after she endured 10 days in the Amazon Jungle.

Photo: © Sleeeepy_Hollow

#8. This is what two hours worth of lightning on one pic looks like

Photo: © Opening-Elk-5606

#9. Photographer took a rare photo of octopus with a transparent head

Photo: © Particular_Equal1843

#10. The picture of the U.S. elevation

Photo: © karmagheden

#11. Burning Man is cosmically beautiful.

Photo: © Gutlessrewrite

#12. LAX photographed from the same spot over an eight-hour period.

Photo: © mohiemen

#13. Meet Whang-od Oggay a 103-year-old tattoo artist from the Philippines. She is the only traditional Kalinga tattoo artist alive.

Photo: © zezoro

#14. A tsunami evacuation pod for sale in Japan

Photo: © MTPokitz

#15. The inside of an acoustic guitar looks like a luxury apartment

Photo: © mdjunaid2495