15 Rare Things That Are so Fascinating It’s Even Hard To believe In Their Existence

The most exciting and at the same time astonishing thing about this world is that it can catch us completely off guard unexpectedly anytime and anywhere.

The freakiest creatures, the most fascinating things, the incredible natural phenomena have taught us to never be surprised what life has prepared for us next. However, there are still things that are hard to believe exist to at least are too incredible to stay indifferent.

Whether our readers will believe in these unreal phenomena or be amazed by their existence, these photos will stay long in their memories. So we prepared some photo facts and proof that these surprisingly rare things actually exist in spite of being too hard to believe.

Scroll down to be wowed at least 15 times.

#1. These benches are mindblowing

Photo: © Spydee112

#2. The fire burning inside this tree has been burning for 5 days

Photo: © ClairvoyantAlliance

#3. Whole magic in a rose quartz geode

Photo: © Delightfuldabs

#4. Peter Cook and Becky Northey are masters of tree shaping. They planted this tree in 1998 and have shaped it into a person.

Photo: © i3env

#5. 2 little snails on a chameleons tail

Photo: © fragglerawkme1

#6. Here’s what the inside of the gold vaults at Fort Knox looks like, taken decades ago during one of the very rare times a vault has been opened to show to the public:

Photo: © Johnny_Mc2

#7. The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.

Photo: © PopularCulture786

#8. Kayaker vs Aircraft Carrier

Photo: © Uberob

#9. Life is too short to have a boring haircut.

Photo: © PopularCulture786

#10. This is how giraffes sleep. Morning neck pain, I feel you right here.

Photo: © osloluluraratutu

#11. French farmers use fire to try to save their vineyards during cold nights.

Photo: © QompleteReasons

#12. Caption this.

Photo: © heartless-tramp

#13. A plane inside a plane

Photo: © Quan1298

#14. Brazilian mother with 3 of her 5 children being albino.

Photo: © Freak-out-time

#15. Effusive eruption of Fagradalsfjall in Glendingadalir, Iceland

Photo: © eanCautionMurphy