15 Pictures of Creepy Abandoned Places That Are So Spine-Chilling They Will Give You Goosebumps

There are incredibly stunning and beautiful corners on our wonderful planet! Such places seem to be created by a skilled designer, born from the most vivid fantasies that have ever come to the human mind. These are the places that we want to stay in forever…

But there are also completely different kinds of places. Places that are terrifying in their mystery. Places that hide terrible secrets inside. These are mostly the ones that have been abandoned a long time ago and left us only with a guess of the stories behind them. Some of these buildings and sites both scare and lure us with their mystery! Let’s take a virtual tour to find out what the places that have seen no human for a long period of time look like.

1.Abandoned Hotel, Donegal, Ireland

Photo: © SupermarketLate9466

2.Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia

Photo: © AbaloneJealous5237

3. The spooky feeling of an abandoned hospital in Spain

Photo: © places_forgotten

4. Abandoned houses are eventually taken over by Nature

Photo: © heroinioj

5. How is it possible to abandon such a Green House?

Photo: © Drupain

6. Trees have claimed their territory in this Old junkyard

Photo: © clisbeth

8. This room inside an abandoned mansion gives A decent visualization of what doing acid is like!

Photo: © hashamean

9. This abandoned factory feels so Jurassic Parky.

Photo: © RiddimRyder

10. This ocean liner was being towed when the line snapped during a storm.

Photo: © Scrollerium

11. The crew was unable to reattach the line and had to be rescued. It was adrift in the ocean for years and eventually beached itself in the Canary Islands

Photo: © kedesaankn

12. This abandoned Water Park is spine-chilling

Photo: © shoretee

13. The abandoned bus in the forest gives eerie vibes

Photo: © Scrollerium

14. The majesty of abandoned hotels is mesmerizing

Photo: © throwawayadvicesee

15. What happens when an elephant spray foam statue gets abandoned

Photo: © hobojoe44

16. Abandoned theaters are majestic

Photo: © hallchristheurbexman