15 Photos That Reveal The Yet Unknown Side Of Our World

There are things we’ve heard and know about but never actually see them. Sounds familiar? Even in the 21st century with eternal sources of information and easy access to literally everything there are things and phenomena that still stay a mystery or never come to one’s mind to exist or be searched for.

For example, did you know that the 25 feet tall statue of Hindu God Ganesha is hand-made from bananas, or that ice diving looks like flying over a frozen planet? We didn’t know it either.

So in the search for new information and everything interesting we found some really curious facts and information that you probably didn’t know about and may definitely want to share with your friends too.

Scroll down and tell us which one you already knew about?

#1. How Mercedes Benz advertised their strong headlights

Photo: © Bomber_Sam

#2. “Iron Dome” Air-Defense System Shoots Down Palestinian Rockets Fired At Tel-Aviv

Photo: © Sgt_Boor

#3. Algerian desert, the Mars on Earth

Photo: © Algerian-Born-Free

#4. The Golden Horse – The Akhal-Teke is a Turkmen horse breed. They have a reputation for speed and endurance, intelligence, and a distinctive metallic sheen.

Photo: © Glenndalf2018

#5. Sleeping Squirrels in their nest on someone’s window ledge.

Photo: © astacea

#6. Can you feel the scent? A Flowery street in Capri, Italy

Photo: © Sapulinjing

#7. Bigger than you thought, Michaelangelo’s David

Photo: © rgatoNacho

#8. Maui, Hawaii, double rainbow and lightning.

Photo: © Unknown

#9. Tank Silencer / Muffler

Photo: © Randalluli

#10. This San Francisco-based artist Nathan Shipley uses Al to create generative art, and this is what William Shakespeare might’ve looked like in real life

Photo: © lurid_sun__

#11. Beavers…

Photo: © AquaticTrashPanda

#12. Magic happens when cactus flowers

Photo: © YarOldeOrchard

#13.  Fascinating algae formation

Photo: © Tanimal15

#14. The 25-feet statue of a Hindu God (Ganesha) is hand made out of bananas

Photo: © demwr78w3

#15. Ice diving looks like flying over a frozen planet

Photo: © uhpav