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20 Photos That Change the Way We See the Everyday

The concept of alternate angles can be applied to everyday life as well. For instance, have you ever had a disagreement with someone and only seen the situation from your own perspective? By considering the other person’s perspective, you might gain a deeper understanding of their motivations and emotions, and ultimately find a resolution to the conflict.

One way to practice seeing things from different angles is through the use of role-playing. For example, if you are in a disagreement with a coworker, try imagining yourself in their shoes and vice versa. What might they be thinking and feeling? What are their goals and motivations in this situation?

Overall, the idea of alternate angles can be a useful tool for finding new insights and understanding complex situations. Whether it’s in history, current events, or your own personal relationships, considering multiple perspectives can lead to greater empathy and understanding.

Let’s take a look at some examples of familiar objects or scenes shown from an alternate angle.

1. Giants from the side.

Photo: © Hoarbag

2. The line to leave Burning Man.

Photo: © Palana

3. The USS Midway is an aircraft carrier that was commissioned in 1945 and served in the United States Navy until 1992. It is now a museum in San Diego, California.

Photo: © sapnation

4. Buckingham Palace from the back.

Photo: © Steves1982

5. Strings of a grand piano.

Photo: © Vydor

6. Supermarket from above.

Photo: © random_username_guy

7. From a different point of view.

Photo: © irinavv

8. Jenny Joseph modeling for The Columbia Pictures logo, 1992. She had never modeled before and never did again.

Photo: © Xenomorph02

9. STS-2 Columbia on final approach to Edwards AFB after reentry on November 14, 1981.

Photo: © astronomicalgemini77

10. A bugs ground-level view of the backyard.

Photo: © DrFetusRN

11. A different view of the Bust of Nefertiti.

Photo: © TN_Egyptologist

12. The water-only side of Earth.

Photo: © JDnotsalinger

13. Mushroom shot from underneath on a sunny day.

Photo: © Gozertank

14. Venus de Milo’s backside.

Photo: © manlikeelijah

15. Inside a nuclear power plant cooling tower.

Photo: © kaotate

16. Thanos and Gamora.

Photo: © Faceless-Pronoun

17. Manaslu base camp, Himalayas, Nepal.

Photo: © PatatasFrittas

18. Statue of Liberty.

Photo: © mn1nm

19. Statues overlooking Saint Peter’s Square, Vatican City.

Photo: © modrzew

20. A picture from the boom operator of me refueling on my 100th mission over Afghanistan.

Photo: © viperdriver35