15 Photos Showing What Happens When Boredom Takes Over During Work

We sincerely envy those who have a lot of spare time during work and can get engaged in anything they want. Some look at their hand watch every 5 minutes to see when’s the time to go home already, some people prefer to do something useful like reading and some are so bored they start creating crazy stuff. Well, and some people actually work. But this post is not about them.

We have prepared this collection to show what boredom can do to ordinary employees. Scroll down to check the photos and tell us how far boredom has taken you?

#1. This is what I do at work when there is no work to do

Photo: © Galion-

#2. Sometimes these guys show up overnight at work.

Photo: © jennacide78

#3. Anyone wants some forbidden pasta we made at work today?

Photo: © Winters_Pants

#4. “A new coworker went on a two-week vacation. I’ve wrapped up his work for him.”

Photo: © GothicGarlic

#5. Some people have way too much time on their hands

Photo: © sac0o01

#6. “Back when I was at work, I made Babybel wax into desk dinos”

Photo: © HurtSmooch601

#7. What happens when you get bored at work

Photo: © Imgur

#8. When you have extra time

Photo: © PineapplePosse

#9. “I practice alphabets over and over while on boring calls at work”

Photo: © wanderingstan

#10. I think someone at work has too much free time.

Photo: © puppiesmakemeanxious

#11. Forbidden baby pepper found at work

Photo: © EmilyWallArtwork

#12. Manager’s last day at work. Another manager doesn’t want them to leave.

Photo: © confibulator

#13. Holding 14 wine glasses at work. we’re trained to hold 9, but I wanted to push the boundaries.

Photo: © Unknown

#14. “I’m at work but apparently my skin cream has other ideas”

Photo: © stillanewfie

#15. An awkward encounter with a squirrel at work

Photo: © santiagoprime

#Bonus: “My patient at work fell asleep like this”

Photo: © serenak97