15 Photos Of Terrible Tattoos That Show What The True Regret Looks Like

Getting something tattooed on your body can’t be and should not be a quick decision because regret is inevitable sometimes. Thanks to the advancement of technologies now it is possible to remove a tattoo with a leaser but why go through this if you can avoid bad decisions in the first place?

Well, what is done can’t be undone and some people felt this regret on their own skin ( in the most common sense of the word).

Whether they turned to the wrong artist or they really liked the failed tattoos on their body, these people really serve as motivation NOT to rush in getting something permanent because these tattoos are embarrassing to have.

Keep on scrolling to see the worst (or the best, I got confused here) tattoo fails and what actually a regrettable tattoo looks like.


Photo: © FinnaBustNut


Photo: © wisteria007


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