15+ Photos Of Severe Winters That Are So Chilly Made Us Grab Scarfs Before Watching Them

Every country in this world has winter, but only a few countries know what the real winter feels like. Not every corner of our planet is familiar with the severe cold and freezing weather; moreover, only a few have seen snow in real life outside the photos in magazines.

Even those that experience real winters in their lives can’t compare to those living, for example, in Yakutsk, Norilsk, Astana, or Yellowknife, where temperature can drop to 40 degrees below Celsius. Feeling chilly, huh?

In any case, people get used to this so much that they even make fun of it. We have prepared 17 photos of freezing winters around the world that we don’t recommend to faint-hearted people to watch. Just kidding. Scroll down to see the photos, and don’t forget to grab a scarf.

1. The way these icicles formed on the wheel of a trailer speak about the severity of winter

Photo: © HellsJuggernaut

2. Mad max – Imagine falling back first on that.

Photo: © Master1718

3. Freezing cold can be comfy too.

Photo: © hjalmar111

4. The insurmountable beauty of frozen waves.

Photo: © hjalmar111

5. Minnesota chronicles

Photo: © DrFetusRN

6. The fairytale-ish snow blobs in Niseko-Cho, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan

Photo: © marm0rada

7. A photo-proof for the freezing cold

Photo: © realime_zeb

8. Put your wipers up, they said, it prevents freezing, they said.

Photo: © unknown

9. The loveliest walk to work looks like this.

Photo: © KalleAnkaAB

10. Forget about the arctic cold and surf the lake, they said. It’ll be fun, they said

Photo: © YonomellamoJavier

11. This looks like the staircase to Elsa’s castle

Photo: © hjalmar111

12. Freezing beauty. Windswept Mount Javornik in Slovenia

Photo: © HellsJuggernaut

13. Bryant Park, NYC

Photo: © kee-mosabe

14. Cars after freezing rain in Vladivostok, Russia

Photo: © VforthHorsemanV

15. When a few feet of snow in NH makes you lose your car…

Photo: © Queeniac

16. A full wifi signal will make you feel warm inside.

Photo: © Master1718

17. Breathtaking! 65ft snow walls at Tateyama Japan

Photo: © ItsSaturdaySunday

18. And finally – a snow cuteness to your feed.

Photo: © jasontaken