15 Photos Of Men With Gorgeous Hair That Got Us Girls Weep From Jealousy

It seems we can’t stop talking about hair especially when things are about gorgeous long hair. Though long hair is mostly associated with women however the number of men with stunning long hair continues to grow. Throughout history, long hair symbolized freedom, good health, and power and it’s no wonder why greek warriors wore their hair long (kome, that’s why Homer used to refer to them as karekomoontes).

In our previous post, we shared some cool transformations of women who risked to make a change and went from stunning long hair to cool short hair, and now we are posting about men with gorgeous long hair. What an irony, isn’t it?

No matter what preferences we have, we should admit that long hair looks simply great on men especially when it’s healthy and taken good care of. The hair of men compiled in this article is exactly as such. Scroll down to check the photos, and please convince yourself not to get jealous.


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