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15 Photos Of Liquid Cats That Prove They Can Fit Anywhere Where There Is Comfort

Recently we have come across an expression describing a cat’s ability to flex and fit every possible corner. “Cats are liquids”. Isn’t this the best way to describe our fuzzy felines that simply love to be around every place that is comfortable for them?

Their love for comfort has driven them to fit in the most unexpected and impossible places. Well, impossible for us but not these naughty ones because cats are liquid.

Scroll down to see how even more adorable they are when packaging themselves and curling up in the tightest and most absurd places.

#1. We call it the purrfect fit

Photo: © jasontaken

#2. The way this kitten fell asleep in a slipper melted our hearts

Photo: © Cyzzacle1

#3. “Who needs this box?”

Photo: © Mohit_Y

#4. A cat is still a cat

Photo: © mary19761112

#5. “I’m watching you from above”

Photo: © jasontaken

#6. Hopefully, she knows the kitten’s sleeping

Photo: © jasontaken

#7. When ya fit, ya sit

Photo: © damnedgaysoul

#8. “I’ll plant myself here”

Photo: © icant-chooseone

#9. See, we told you cats are liquid

Photo: © jasontaken

#10. Your cute package has arrived

Photo: © coolhanddumpster

#11. Nature finds a way

Photo: © Pedrica1

#12. What are masks actually for…for this cuteness

Photo: © jasontaken

#13. For dessert, we’re having the yummiest pie

Photo: © jasontaken

#14. This is called enjoying life, baby

Photo: © jasontaken

#15. “Find the cat” or the “purrfect camouflage”

Photo: © jasontaken