15 Photos Of Dogs And Owners First Encounter Filled With Heart-warming Emotions And Love

The dream of most kids is to have a furry best friend in their lives, well not only most kids but many grownups also wish to have a 4 legged creature in their house and in their lives. And the first meeting with the one they wished for so long is one precious and thrilling moment full of smiles, excitement, and tears.

The first nap on your lap, the first play together, joyful barking when you are finally back home, the touch of every wet nose, and the lick all over your face, are the moments we cherish the most. And it’s not an important moment only for us humans but also these little friends of ours that are beyond enthusiastic to be around their human.

We have compiled an adorable collection of Dogs and Owners encounters that are full of emotions and love.

#1. The precious moment of meeting his first granddogger

Photo: © RufustheCorgi

#2. This big boy is already a family member.

Photo: © seedless0227

#3. How adorable is this moment?

Photo: © zombeejeezus

#4. “When we met he climbed right into my lap and I fell in love. Now he’s my first dog and lifelong best friend.”

Photo: © olda1tewz

#5. It would be impossible to ignore this cutie

Photo: © Puzzleheaded08

#6. The faces of true joy

Photo: © wutnow2019

#7. He is still confused but too enthusiastic

Photo: © KevinC9696

#8. Never thought it could be this fun

Photo: © damacile

#9. Bringing my new girl home. We’re both super excited

Photo: © Hi-sup

#10. I’ve waited 32 years to own my first dog and today was the day I finally got to. Reddit, meet Dobby

Photo: © jsimpson88

#11. This is how cute adopting a new best friend looks like

Photo: © Unknown

#12. First encounter and already in harmony with each other

Photo: © Capricamanda

#13. This sleeping beauty brings happiness

Photo: © GabrielDL008

#14. My new rescue noodle found on the streets of Texas.

Photo: © worstcaseontario95

#15. Love at first sight… I think she has my genes!

Photo: © Budzsta