15 Photos Of Dads That Were Once Against Petting An Animal But Can’t Imagine Living Without These Creatures Now

There are three heartwarming things we could watch and admire endlessly- the sky, the moon, and the fathers that were once against adopting an animal but now can’t imagine their lives without their four-legged best friends.

It’s so cute when our dads say they will never live with a pet under the same roof but end up loving them more than anyone else.

We have decided to share a portion of this sweetness on your feed and remind you that even if your dads also fight against fostering a pet you might still have hopes that someday your dream will come true and moreover the pet and your dad will be inseparable like these happy guys in our collection.

Scroll down to collect all the positive vibes!

#1. “He’s only going to be in the way, I’ll step on him”

Photo: © llaisney

#2. “After never letting me get a dog growing up, now he plays airplane with his grandpuppy every Friday night”

Photo: © goldwarrior

#3. My dad: No, we’re not getting another dog!! Also my dad:

Photo: © doesamulletmakeaman

#4. Quality time with the dogs he would never have

Photo: © /thehyruler

#5. With the dog that he didn’t want to get.

Photo: © sophieem96

#6. “My dad claims he doesn’t want a cat yet this is how he looks at my Humphrey”

Photo: © aggressivepassion

#7. He says he doesn’t like dogs. They love him tho.

Photo: © RiKar97

#8. Who said he would never pet a dog?

Photo: © B1untRubb3r

#9. And now they are inseparable…

Photo: © Irnur

#10. “No, we are not getting another cat.”

Photo: © VieleAud

#11. He said he didn’t want me to foster because he didn’t want me to get attached. Guess who is ooey gooey over them and wants to keep all 3 now?

Photo: © imasauceygirl

#12. The inseparable “enemies”

Photo: © TheSirTrevor

#13. My dad, who didn’t want a dog “ever”…

Photo: © sad-but-hydrated

#14. “I’m the Dad and I totally didn’t want a dog!”

Photo: © jammydodger79

#15. One Love!

Photo: © OrangeLeonard