15 Photos Of Casual British Life That Don’t Include What We’ve Already Learned About Britain

A Queen, double-deckers, tea gatherings, Big Ben, Fish and chips, and of course rainy weather and Beatles. This is what Great Britain is mostly famous for. While studying English and the history of England, every pupil and student imagined the first meeting with the Royal family, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, and the London bridge.

But UK is way much more than the UK we learn and read about in the textbook and watch in the movies. We have prepared 15 photos (and a bonus, of course) of casual British life that will leave you discovering a whole new version of Great Britain.

#1. Elizabeth I Penny. It’s only 14mm in diameter!

Photo: © poshjosh1999

#2. Moved house this weekend and the neighbour came to say hello

Photo: © Jackwiththebeard

#3. How cool is the baked bean in the baked bean mug?

Photo: © ImNOTmethwow

#4. An absolute lad of a steward with the comedy mask

Photo: © letspokerstock

#5. Full English meal

Photo: © untitl0d

#6. An entire pavement in my village was stolen last night!

Photo: © Smabacon

#7. “Day two of being the only person in the office. I’ve made a new friend.”

Photo: © VikramMukherjee

#8. G7 security

Photo: © redunculuspanda

#9. The first day back at school took its toll on this little girl

Photo: © mayallrob_

#10. The perfect Sunday

Photo: © HonoraryMancunian

#11. “Gran never lets me have KFC”

Photo: © ramblingzebra

#12. Thank you kind vandaliser!

Photo: © k90de

#13. So how did you spend your bank holiday Sunday?

Photo: © yranoYoshi

#14. It’s currently too hot to be alive in the UK.

Photo: © unoriginal_format

#15. Mr Bean has reach enlightenment (British museum)

Photo: © BummingAbout

#Bonus: 3D relief map of the UK and Ireland.

Photo: © 9DAN2