15 Photos Captured At the Perfect Time Before Something Terrible Or Incredible Happened

We wonder what people did before the invention of photography to capture the most important moments for them. Well, obviously they kept these most cherished memories in their minds and the talented ones painted them with a brush on canvases. But since 1826 with the world’s first photograph humankind found a new opportunity to make the perfect moments documented to be able to watch and recall them later.

This post is about the right timings in photography and people who managed to capture the most precise moment before something terrible or incredible happened.

Check out the photos that will make you search your photo albums to find similar photos and maybe share them with friends too.

#1. Not the best of luck but surely the perfect timing

Photo: © expectnothing

#2.  Forward March! Except for that guy on the right!

Photo: © SilveradoSurfer16

#3. A gust of wind blew my ranger hat off my head right as I snapped the photo and we had to watch it sink into the river.

Photo: © Unknown

#4. A pilot with a snack

Photo: © JMyers666

#5. The perfect moment of the hat falling off

Photo: © Unknown

#6. He just wanted to bee in the picture, too

Photo: © Still-Blazed

#7. Trying to take a picture of a wild parrot in London be like

Photo: © teomatteo89

#8. Tommy finally fought back against the bully after his mom reminded him that he was a toucan, not a toucan’t

Photo: © Witty_Operation2486

#9. A simple attempt at taking a selfie

Photo: © Unknown

#10. “Let me see what’s that in your hand”

Photo: © Legion_Fate

#11. Morning yoga and the bird of peace.

Photo: © dracarysbitch

#12. “Take a pic of me posing with the dinner I made”

Photo: © keahlian8d

#13. Another spilled tea…

Photo: © doudou21

#14. “Many years ago now, my dog doing his best to catch a frisbee”

Photo: © jcbouche

#15. The superpower of running in the water.

Photo: © Moby-King