15 Perfectly Timed Photos That Are So Puzzling You Will Look Twice

Have you ever looked at something and saw something completely different, then double-checked and realized you’re not insane, it’s just the photo that’s too confusing?

We have collected a list of weird photos that will surely take you some time until you figure out what’s really going on there. Ready to get your brain to explode? Let’s check out the photos… then do a double-take!

#1. Wait, we got confused here

Photo: © tatmachok

#2. Smile for the camera

Photo: © Happyneo21

#3. They obviously don’t trust you

Photo: © gizmo86

#4. Indeed a perfect shot

Photo: © ReName

#5. Maybe this was for the better?

Photo: © Prostoilogin

#6. The poor thing is stuck

Photo: © ReynardTheFox

#7. She couldn’t be more shocked

Photo: © mitaleg

#8. The play of a shadow

Photo: © elenuwka13

#9. Feed me, lady

Photo: © FobatsJah

#10. Can it be more perfect?

Photo: © arthik

#11. Decided to cheer the neighbours up

Photo: © Happyneo21

#12.Couldn’t be a more appropriate time to wear a mask

Photo: © Deathman

#13. Perfectly timed shot

Photo: © Prostoilogin

#1. Sheep are so cute when they yawn

Photo: © taras8perin

#2. Just taking a regular walk under the water

Photo: © Prostoilogin