15 People Who Stopped Caring What Others Would Think About Them And Started Living As They Want

Sometimes society is as powerful as to be able to kill artists or break dreams, to tell you how to behave and how to look. But what would happen if we were all brave enough to pursue our dreams, to live the life we always wished for?

There are people who did and serve as a real inspiration for those who still struggle about “what others will think”.

In this post, we have compiled some motivating photos of people who forgot about stereotypes and judgments and started truly enjoying life. Scroll down to see the photos of people who made us smile with their contagious happiness.

#1. “Celebrated my 29th birthday by coloring my hair the color I’ve wanted since I was in the 5th grade!”

Photo: © TylerTried

#2. “Three years ago I was drowning in mental illness and toxic relationships. I hated my life. I finally got help. I am taking medication and joined a support group. I left my toxic friends behind. This morning I had coffee in the garden I grew with my incredible partner. I love my life. You can do it.”

Photo: © AnAllegedAllegory

#3. “We finally announced our elopement today!”

Photo: © ilovetheflowergirl

#4. “I went on a walk with alpacas and they were even willing to take selfies”

Photo: © prettyperfecttt

#5. “After 12 years, I finally married my best friend!”

Photo: © Psychosholtis

#6. “Finally have the confidence to travel alone and have a great time by myself!”

Photo: © kbee15

#7. “Today I got to hold a baby goat. He is a week and a half old, and he fell asleep in my arms. It was pure bliss.”

Photo: © MissApril

#8. “I may be going deaf and blind at an early age but I finally got my glasses in my favorite color… Green!”

Photo: © Furning

#9. “Celebrated 500 days of sobriety today by climbing a (small) mountain!”

Photo: © turdshack

#10. “My girlfriend started painting again. I’m happy and proud.”

Photo: © sarahisadoosh

#11. “Today a pic of me trying on a dress was snapped. When I looked through the shots I saw this…my niece makes me feel like a princess.”

Photo: © Emmy0000

#12. “I finally cut my hair and I’m feeling great”

Photo: © Ratlinger

#13. “I just got engaged to my best friend. A silver lining to a rough year for us and many others.”

Photo: © /bentleyturnbull

#14. “Just a pic of my wife doing what makes her happy.”

Photo: © wulimustard

#15. “I met my biological father for the first time today.”

Photo: © BummiesNthistle