15 People Who Left Their Pets Home Alone And Came Back To See A Complete Disaster

Those who have pets waiting for them at home are the ones who come back home to more surprises. Well, we all like surprises unless they are in the form of disasters. And pets can definitely cause them…sometimes…very often.

So this is why leaving your animal unattended for a couple of hours can be a really dangerous thing.

We would love to see the faces of these people coming home to see the mess their pets made as well but for now, we want to show you the crazy surprises some naughty animals prepared for their owners.

Check out the photos and try not to cry from pain.

#1. He loves the sweet feather blanket so he doesn’t feel guilty at all

Photo: ©

#2. “Before you scream, I want you to know that I’m not of any fault”

Photo: © Imgur

#3. The queen of disaster…

Photo: © Unknown

#4. This dog ate everyone’s homework. Maybe it’s for the better?

Photo: © paulathekoala95

#5. “Hey, why are you back so early?”

Photo: © TheNinjaJedi

#6. “What took you so long? I was super bored…”

Photo: © gizzoojr

#7. This is what happens when you leave Roomba in the reception area alone

Photo: © jacksonkeirmclean

#8. “Hey human, how was your day?”

Photo: © ruserious65433

#9. “I have no idea how this all happened”

Photo: © Haemearae

#10. At least someone’s enjoying himself

Photo: © GrimaldiJ

#11. Someone’s gonna get killed tonight


#12. Do you feel the pain?

Photo: © Gadawgfan

#13. “Get a dog, it will be fun,” they said

Photo: © Unknown

#14. And the criminal is gone…

Photo: © Imgur

#15. One innocent trouble maker

Photo: © Imgur