15 Times People Posting Before And After Pics Of Their Progress Proving That A Person Can Reach Everything He Has Set His Mind To

I’ve been told that I’m the girl my old self only wished he could’ve dated. After today, I have to agree.

The sad thing is that two out of five people are unhappy with how they look like but the good news is that it is always possible to change something as temporary as looks.

It’s very common for a person to look in the mirror and not be satisfied with what they see but what even more common is getting your shit together and do something about it, like exercising, quitting alcohol and smoking, giving up late-night snacks, and sweets.

It takes courage to do these things and the people we’re going to show you in this article did, they overcame so much and thanks to their patience, efforts and hard work have learned to love their body and found their truest selves.

Check out these 15 photos that show what a person that is satisfied with his body looks like.

#1. “I am still working towards getting stronger and perhaps a bit leaner. Weight loss over 5 years.”

Photo: © rolleydough

#2. “I feel so disconnected from that person I used to pretend to be. I’m in love with the woman I’m becoming and so proud of myself for living as my true self!”

Photo: © brynn2e89

#3. “Hair gains! After a year of cancer, we’re in remission!”

Photo: © LostInAbq

#4. “I used to browse these posts anon for years and cry. Until I decided I was going to have my own picture up here. Shine baby!”

Photo: © unknown

#5. “Finally a civilian again after 13 years in the military and free to be me. 1 month 4 days on HRT.”

Photo: © LexyRose1313

#6. “It’s been an incredible journey”

Photo: © viimauer

#7. “Started with healthy weight loss that turned into an ED. Now I’m happily recovered and finding a healthier relationship with food and self-love.”

Photo: © Ladybug199x

#8. “Right pre-testosterone, left 11 months on testosterone. I don’t even look like the same person.”

Photo: © Aitchme

#9. “Same bathroom, pre-workout, 4 months apart. How am I doing?”

Photo: © Revolutionary-Ebb-57

#10. “Beyond grateful. Not stopping here!”

Photo: © SarahSparrow16

#11. This is an unbelievable transformation

Photo: © christopherammon

#12. ” Where I started VS where I am today”

Photo: © enematowel

#13. “4 years later I’ll finally admit the hormones work”

Photo: © jksmileyface

#14. “Things are finally, slowly starting to turn after a lot of hard work, and I’m hopeful for the future!”

Photo: © ImmatureCheese

#15.”Transition Tuesday. 6 years, who is that on the left?”

Photo: © pierelitchhult