15 Mouth-Drooling Cakes That Would Absolutely Be A Crime Not To Taste

Cakes are woman’s best friends though they always avoid having one. But a tiny portion will never kill anybody, will it? Especially when the cakes are so mouth drooling that no one can ever resist. When the cake is as beautiful as sweet, it’s a serious crime not to taste it.

The Modern Mood team has come across some really alluring cakes that put the art of the bakery to another level.

Scroll down to see the 15 pieces of art that we have prepared in this article and try not to drool.

#1. Te Fiti cake from Moana. Stunning

Photo: © ene_yus

#2. The perfect wedding cake exists

Photo: © samot112

#3. Steak Cake to deceive the brain a little

Photo: © CakesByJulie

#4. This one looks so mind blowing

Photo: © xxmicrocutsxx

#5. Awesome. We want some!

Photo: © tiquis1825

#6. Birthday Cake perfection

Photo: © Peony_Rose

#7. Realistic great white shark drawn in buttercream

Photo: © /DearCakeGods

#8. The cake is currently under construction

Photo: © Mindless_Plantain_10

#9. 12 of pure banana pudding poke cake & 16 cherries

Photo: © hannaas4256

#10. Hand drawn ballerina with wafer paper trimming

Photo: © TarrynMeiring

#11. Frozen buttercream transfer and a handmade wafer paper peony

Photo: © Veeeeezy

#12. Pink ballerina dinosaur cake.

Photo: © aundresg

#13. The Great Wave Off Cakegawa!

Photo: © Veeeeezy

#14. A yummy filled with lemon sponge cake and vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream!

Photo: © MeganBakes8

#15. Red velvet with berry compote and vanilla buttercream.

Photo: © berlinbaker